Hong Kong protesters launch "Occupy Central"

Thousands of protesters have gathered to protest against the Chinese government's plans to tightly limit electoral changes, despite long-held promises that the city’s residents would be allowed to choose their own leader by 2017.

Occupy Central: Hong Kong’s Fight against Neoliberalism - Global Research

Aussie war crimes, Who is really behind ISIS?

So Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS?

Like his predecessor John Howard, Tony Abbott seems eager to get Australia involved in war crimes by joining a coalition with the US to invade Syria.
Apparently just informing a country that you are going to be bombing them is now considered consent!

"Counteracting the rise of ISIS" is the current day excuse for going into Syria (As the non existent WMDs were used to justify the Iraq invasion of 2003)

It appears that ISIS were tipped off before the initial US Bombing raid (US Bombed ‘Empty Buildings’ in Raqqa in Airstrike on ISIL in Syria) The only people to get killed in the raids were some innocent children and bystanders.

No doubt the fighting of ISIS will be used to create chaos and further division in Syria.

Australian Government Scrambles to Authorize Mass Surveillance

By Jeremy Malcolm, Electronic Frontier Foundation

This week, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott used recent terrorist threats as the backdrop of a dire warning to Australians that “for some time to come, the delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift. There may be more restrictions on some, so that there can be more protection for others.”

This pronouncement came as two of a series of three bills effecting that erosion of freedoms made their way through Australia's Federal Parliament. These were the second reading of a National Security Amendment Bill which grants new surveillance powers to Australia's spy agency, ASIO, and the first reading of a Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment (Foreign Fighters) Bill that outlaws speech seen as “advocating terrorism”. A third bill on mandatory data retention is expected to be be introduced by the end of the year.

Whilst all three bills in this suite raise separate concerns, the most immediate concern—because the bill in question could be passed this week—is the National Security Amendment Bill. Introduced into Parliament on 16 July, it endured robust criticism during public hearings last month that led into an advisory report released last week. Nevertheless the bill was introduced into the Senate this Tuesday with the provisions of most concern still intact.

NWO Solutions #3 -Software Freedom Day

What we have learned from the whistle blowing efforts of Edward Snowden and previous whistles blowers is that corporations can not be trusted when in comes to human rights. When you pay for propriety software, your own money is used against you to help sponsor the surveillance state.

No, The answer is not to use pirated commercial software - but rather switch to free and open source!

Former NSA senior official calls for an investigation into 9/11

This week marks the 13th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Just recently, William Binney, a former Cryptanalyst for the NSA signed the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s petition calling for a new investigation into 9/11.

William Binney worked in various signal intelligence and cryptography roles at the NSA for over 30 years before rising to the senior position of "Technical Leader for intelligence" in 2001. On October 31, 2001 He resigned from the NSA and blew the whistle on the wastage involved with the NSA's Trailblazer program. Later he commented that the expanded surveillance after 9/11 was "better than anything that the KGB, the Stasi, or the Gestapo and SS ever had!"

Only recently, after reviewing the work done investing 9/11 by Richard Gage of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth William Binney has publicly commented on the poor scientific method employed by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) into the investigation of the buildings that "collapsed" on 9/11.

NIST claim that Word Trade Centre Building 7 collapsed due to office fires only, falling at the rate of free fall acceleration and refuse to supply the data used in their models. Since building 7 was not one of the building hit by a plane NIST's findings challenges the safety of all high rise building around the world and the competency of the Architects and engineers who design them!

To find out more, please watch James Corbett's Interview with Richard Gage and William Binney.

R.I.P. Helmut (1949~2014)

Events in August

Vigil for Gaza

Friday 15th August, 2014 5:00pm
The corner of Murray and Macquarie Streets

Please wear red, green or black (Palestinian colours) to the vigil and bring your voices, Palestinian flags, banners, placards, friends and family.
According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in Gaza (PCHR), 9086 people have been injured, Israel has now killed 1922 people during its 33 day assault on Gaza the vast majority of them civilians. More than 300 of those killed have been children. Israeli targets have included homes, mosques, schools, hospitals, medical centres, ambulances and power and water treatment plants. Even a UN-run school was targeted, killing 15 people and injuring hundreds of women and children who had sought refuge.

United we stand for free speech and peaceful assembly!

Say NO to Hodgeman's harsh protest gag law.
Come along to the Hobart City Hall at noon on Saturday 16th August 12pm - 1pm

Hear the speakers against the protest gag law:

  • Bob Brown
  • Rodney Croome
  • Greg Barnes
  • Richard Griggs
  • Ruth Langford
  • Vanessa Bleyer

Defend the right to protest - "Join the people's picket"

7.30 TO 9.30 AM
Tuesday, 19 the August
Parliament House Lawns.

Five Years Sue Has been in Jail

Wed 20th August 2014 1pm
Parliament House Gardens
Speakers: Dr Bob Moles, Andrew Wilke MP, Eve Ash.

Australia's worst wrongful convictions is being IGNORED in Tasmania.
Please help. Ask friends to sign and to rally.
Sue is now in a wheelchair.
She should NOT be in jail!

MARCH Australia - Hobart

For a Fairer Australia.
Sunday 31st August
Meet at Princess Park, Battery Point 11.30
March to Parliament House Lawns For A Rally at 12 Noon.


Self-Reliance and Being Prepared as a Form of Personal Activism

From Backdoor Survival
By Gaye Levy

There are some days when I feel as though I am out there in the world alone, fighting a battle that can not be seen or heard. The battle is one of preparedness and is one I endure day in and day out in spite of my best effort to step away and live a normal, middle class, mainstream life.

Australia bans reporting of multi-nation corruption case involving Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam

Excerpt from Wikileaks

Today, 29 July 2014, WikiLeaks releases an unprecedented Australian censorship order concerning a multi-million dollar corruption case explicitly naming the current and past heads of state of Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, their relatives and other senior officials. The super-injunction invokes “national security” grounds to prevent reporting about the case, by anyone, in order to “prevent damage to Australia's international relations”. The court-issued gag order follows the secret 19 June 2014 indictment of seven senior executives from subsidiaries of Australia's central bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). The case concerns allegations of multi-million dollar inducements made by agents of the RBA subsidiaries Securency and Note Printing Australia in order to secure contracts for the supply of Australian-style polymer bank notes to the governments of Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries.

Why Free Trade is not Free Trade!

Interview with Noam Chomsky on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Free Trade agreements are promoted by "economic experts" as being beneficial to the country, but are they really?

The argument they use is that by the mutual abolition of artificial tariffs on imports - our own exporters will have access to new markets overseas.

The hidden flaw with that argument is that the free trade Agreements remove the tariffs on imports from countries that have little concern for workers safety, human rights or environmental protection. Unfortunately manufacturers within Australia have the expenses of having to comply with Australian regulations on safety and environment. Australian companies have all sorts of expenses (IE Tariffs) that foreign companies do not. For example, payroll tax, workers compensation, environmental tariffs (EG the carbon tax), Training expenses, Employee superannuation, High taxation and the resultant high cost of living in Australia that drives up the wages that companies need to pay their employees in order just to live.

Rather than eliminating trade tariffs - the so called "Free Trade Agreements" transfer the tariffs from overseas companies to stealth tariffs imposed on local producers that now have to compete with overseas producers that do not have to pay tariffs. This transfers jobs overseas, and is a major contributor to poverty and unemployment in Australia.

Free trade Agreements only benefit the wealth globalist elites and Australians have been betrayed by our political parties and economists going back decades now.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will be even worse, The TPP will also has its own protectionism placed in it by the secretive participating parties that benefit themselves only!



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