Australia bans reporting of multi-nation corruption case involving Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam

Excerpt from Wikileaks

Today, 29 July 2014, WikiLeaks releases an unprecedented Australian censorship order concerning a multi-million dollar corruption case explicitly naming the current and past heads of state of Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, their relatives and other senior officials. The super-injunction invokes “national security” grounds to prevent reporting about the case, by anyone, in order to “prevent damage to Australia's international relations”. The court-issued gag order follows the secret 19 June 2014 indictment of seven senior executives from subsidiaries of Australia's central bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). The case concerns allegations of multi-million dollar inducements made by agents of the RBA subsidiaries Securency and Note Printing Australia in order to secure contracts for the supply of Australian-style polymer bank notes to the governments of Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries.

Why Free Trade is not Free Trade!

Interview with Noam Chomsky on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Free Trade agreements are promoted by "economic experts" as being beneficial to the country, but are they really?

The argument they use is that by the mutual abolition of artificial tariffs on imports - our own exporters will have access to new markets overseas.

The hidden flaw with that argument is that the free trade Agreements remove the tariffs on imports from countries that have little concern for workers safety, human rights or environmental protection. Unfortunately manufacturers within Australia have the expenses of having to comply with Australian regulations on safety and environment. Australian companies have all sorts of expenses (IE Tariffs) that foreign companies do not. For example, payroll tax, workers compensation, environmental tariffs (EG the carbon tax), Training expenses, Employee superannuation, High taxation and the resultant high cost of living in Australia that drives up the wages that companies need to pay their employees in order just to live.

Rather than eliminating trade tariffs - the so called "Free Trade Agreements" transfer the tariffs from overseas companies to stealth tariffs imposed on local producers that now have to compete with overseas producers that do not have to pay tariffs. This transfers jobs overseas, and is a major contributor to poverty and unemployment in Australia.

Free trade Agreements only benefit the wealth globalist elites and Australians have been betrayed by our political parties and economists going back decades now.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will be even worse, The TPP will also has its own protectionism placed in it by the secretive participating parties that benefit themselves only!


Abbott and MH17 – Manufacturing Outrage

Written by: Edward Eastwood

Politicians like disasters.

It gives them a chance to appear statesman like and humanitarian while evincing sorrow for the victims.

Depending on circumstance, disasters allow politicians to project leadership and assure the populace that perpetrators will be brought to justice for their actions.

Political differences can be set aside as both government and opposition parties express sympathy for both victim and survivor.

Secret TPP negotiations taking place in Ottawa this Week

By Jeremy Malcolm and Maira Sutton
The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Due to the unprecedented secrecy surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations taking place this week in Ottawa, there was no formal opportunity to engage with negotiators about the concerns that EFF and many others have expressed—over issues such as the extension of copyright protection by 20 years, and the delegation of ISPs as copyright police with the power to remove content and terminate accounts.

With the alternative of allowing this round of negotiations to proceed without any public input on these important issues (and bearing in mind the maxim “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad…”),

EFF and its partners in the Our Fair Deal coalition decided to hold a side event of our own next to the venue of the negotiations. TPP negotiators were invited to watch keynote talks by two of Canada’s top copyright experts...

Read Full Article on EFF


Banks, Bader than you think!

The mainstream media has been running many stories lately on the Commonwealth Bank "scandal" and the senate inquiry into it.

The senators heard allegations of fraud and forgery by planners, and of a cover-up by the bank.

Misconduct was allegedly encouraged by a “boiler-room” culture at the bank’s financial planning arms, Commonwealth Financial Planning and Financial Wisdom, that rewarded planners who earned big commissions through putting clients into risky products and ‘‘churning’’ investments – moving them around needlessly.

And instead of sacking high-risk planners, including Nguyen at CFP and Financial Wisdom’s Rollo Sherriff, the bank continued to allow them to advise clients.

- Sydney Morning Herald

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

While such stories alert the public to some of the wrongdoings of the bankers - unfortunately these kind of stories tend to distract people from the real truth that the entire banking industry is based on scams -everything they do is fraud!

Independent Journalist, James Corbett from the Corbett Report has recently released his new documentary titled "Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve"

The documentary goes through the history of the banking system in United States, How the banskters have manipulated the system to enslave us and how Central Banking causes harm to people to everywhere in the world, not just in the United States where the US federal reserve is based.

The documentary - that has taken over six months to produce also goes into what steps we can take in order to escape the system of enslavement that has been set up over the last Century.

James has released the documentary for free under a creative commons licence, you can also purchase a DVD copy of the documentary from his on-line store to support the good work he is doing!

See his website for details and links to more information.

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

PSYOPs, and the Weaponization of Information in Iraq

by Ross Caputi
The BRussells Tribunal

Iraqis are once again being made irrelevant in a war of spin as the Western media manipulates fact and narrative to support US action in Iraq, writes Ross Caputi.

Iraqis are once again being made irrelevant in a war of spin as the Western media manipulates fact and narrative to support US action in Iraq. Debates have been raging over what the US should do about ISIS. Note the actors in this story: The US, ISIS, Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, and other regional leaders. Note who is missing from this story: the Iraqi civilian population. Has the question ‘What do Iraqis want?’ come up even once? Along with an overly simple narrative of the ascendence and role of the anti-Maliki fighters in Iraq, the assumption that the US has a right to decide what the best course of action for Iraq will be has gone unchallenged in the media. Read More

Shine the Light for Sue – Candlelight Vigil

Parliament House Lawns, this Friday, 13 June, 5.00-6.00pm
Sue Neill-Fraser Support Group

A Candlelight Vigil is being held at the Tasmanian Parliament House Lawns on Friday 13th June, 5.00 – 6.00 pm. The vigil is in memory of Bob Chappell and in support of Susan Neill-Fraser, who we believe is a victim of a Miscarriage of Justice, having been found guilty of the murder of Bob based entirely on circumstantial evidence.
Barbara Etter will speak at the event and key individuals are available to be interviewed prior to, and at the event.

The Hidden Agenda behind Chloe’s Law

Children Full of Life - Alternative Education

Today, The Mercury have been pushing the Chloe’s Law agenda again.

The Mercury is exploiting the suicide of 15-year-old Hobart schoolgirl Chloe Fergusson, allegedly as the result of "years of verbal, physical and online abuse"

They are using the suicide to justify introducing new laws to control the Internet - no doubt the ultimate goal is to restrict free speech!

The Mercury, or more to the point - the Rupert Murdoch controlled parent company "News Limited" has successfully censored free speech on their own websites by not allowing public comments that are contrary to their corporate agenda. They want new laws introduced so they can control free speech on social networking and small privately run websites too.

So how much do the Mercury really care about the welfare of children? The answer is not at all! They have been quite happy to lie and promote illegal wars in Iraq that killed over half a million children, cover up US government giving weapons to Al-Qaeda terror groups who have attacked and murdered children in Syria, cover up the atrocities committed by western world drone attacks that have killed children in countries like Pakistan - The journalists at the Mercury have no conscience and are truly monsters!

Candlelight Vigil for Sue Neil-Fraser

PREVIEW: Shadow of Doubt"

Occupy Hobart will be joining the Candlelight Vigil for Sue Neill-Fraser at Parliament House Lawns, on Friday 13th of June from 5.00-6.00pm

The event is being organised by The Sue Neill-Fraser Support Group

Blood on Their Hands

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that at the recent Royal Commission into the former Rudd government's failed home insulation scheme which resulted the deaths of four young installers, Kevin Rudd stated that he took "ultimate responsibility" for the "deep tragedy"

With some convenient doublespeak, Rudd then blamed the deaths on the public servants administrating his scheme!

He backed out of any responsibility and told the inquiry he was never warned about the inherent safety risks of the program.

Last week, The Abbott government handed down a Horror budget, A Budget that will - if passed without amendments will result in far more deaths than the bungled Home Insulation Scheme.

For this reason, we should be writing to all our Senators and put them on notice that we intend to hold them responsible for the deaths that will occur in the future if they vote for the budget.


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