TPP: Fast Track to Tyranny

By James Corbett

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and every now and then even the occasional Congress critter comes down on the right side of an issue…as long as it affords them some political leverage, that is.

Such is the case in the current fight over “Trade Promotion Authority,” an obscure piece of legislation that is now at the heart of the debate over Washington’s ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


China Free Trade Agreement - So what's the trap?

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald the Free Trade Agreement is to be signed between the Abbott government and China that will make it easier for Chinese businesses to import Chinese labour to work on China led projects.

Silent Vigil for Tibet

Silent Vigil for Tibet Tuesday 18th at 11:15 to 12MD in Hobart
By Berry Dunston

If you can gather for a Silent Vigil while Xi Jinping is in Hobart please join us…

WHERE: at the Art School car park at the intersection of Hunter Street and Evans Street

WHEN: Please be there at 11:15am
We expect you will be there from 11:15 to 12:00Mid Day

Cars will not be allowed into this area
If police are stopping you walking into the are (they must be allowing students and staff from the Art School) then the group will reform out on Davey Street. Watch for the Tibetan flags.

Take your Tibet flag if you have one and see if you can encourage others to come along...

NOTE: The Tasman Bridge is being closed at 11:30am and 3:50pm for a few minutes so it seems this is his arrival and leaving time from and to Hobart airport. Also, the road up to Mt Wellington is going to be closed from 12MD to 4pm so it looks as though they plan to take him up the mountain - we hope the clouds don't close in !!!!!

Brisbane, Sunny one day, Police State the next!

Ethan Nash (TOTT News) covers the G20 People's Summit

As a large group of criminal psychopaths who mascaraed as "leaders" descend on Brisbane this week to discuss how they will divvy up their bounty, TOTT News in Brisbane covers an alternative "People's Summit".

G20 Coverage & Updates: Peoples’ Summit in Brisbane - TOTT News

G20 Brisbane: Police State Lockdown Begins - Asia-Pacific Perspective


Tasmania Welcomes Dictator

As Tasmania prepares to welcome the communist dictator Xi Jinping to the state this month, James Corbett releases his timely Podcast Titled "China and the New World Order"

Chinese farmers protest land seizures

A shamefull Act

According to a story in the Mercury, the Liberal government anti-protest Bill is set to pass in the Upper House.

Dr Goodwin said the Government would not rule out bringing mandatory penalties back to the Parliament if protesters guilty of offences under the laws received penalties that were not severe enough.

Mandatory penalties would violate the separation of Powers between Parliament, The Executive and Judiciary - effectively turning Tasmania into a fascist state run by a few select corporations.

Tarkine - Too Precious to Mine

The problem with GMOs and the use of Glyphosate (RoundUp)

Dr. Thierry Vrain, Former Pro-GMO Scientist, Speaks Up

Dr. Thierry Vrain was a former Pro-GMO scientist who retired back in 2002. it wasn't until he had time to commence on his life long dream of making is own home garden that he started to read more widely into the field of genetic engineering and it's effects on the environment. To find out more, please listen to his informative interview with Food Integrity Now

3rd Anniversary of Occupy Hobart

This Wednesday October 29th will be the 3rd anniversary of Occupy Hobart,

We will be meeting again at Parliament Lawns from 5:00pm onwards.

Secret TPP negotiations in Canberra this month

As partner countries gathered in Canberra to hold more secret negotiations over the TPP, speakers at a protest outside Parliament House pointed out what is wrong with it. 22 Oct 2014...

READ MORE on CLA (Civil Liberties Australia)



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